Live in Ibiza

by Free Peoples

Released 2017
Released 2017
The long awaited unplugged live album featuring Johnny Downer, Michael DiPirro and Tim Sawyer. An extraordinary blend of folk, bluegrass, jazz and rock to create this one-of-a-kind listening experience. In memory of Johnny Downer
Welcome to the genre-defying ensemble known as Free Peoples. For 17 years, the band has brought an original mix of songs to its audience with reckless abandon for form within the original compositions. That is to say, they have written very traditional style American music to be performed anyway they see fit for their specific audience. The music changes and adapts and morphs constantly. That is part of their allure. Free Peoples has become one of the best American roots bands around. They’ve evolved from bluegrass roots to be one of the best live bands anywhere, with elements of New Orleans, and beyond. Fine harmonies, jazz and reggae edges with rock elements all combine into a cohesive joyful sound, impeccable musicianship and excellent song writing.